What we do

Concedo is a Norwegian oil company focusing on exploration on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The staff is highly experienced, and has contributed in many discoveries in the past. The vast majority of our staff are geologists or geophysicists, all having many years experience from both Norwegian and international oil industry.

Concedo is a privately held company, and takes the role as ­partner in its licences. There are no plans to change to a role as operator, to list the company or to seek opportunities ­internationally.

The company’s business model is to divest  discoveries prior to field ­development. Adhering to this strategy will enable us to maintain an effective organisation and to be among the best ­exploration ­environments in Norway. Our strategy is proven by considerable value creation from our position as a licencee.

What we do

Our key tools in identifying new opportunities for discoveries are ­seismic, well data, and the staff’s overall experience. Testing of new ­technology like electromagnetic data and special processing of ­seismic data may in certain situations prove very important. Our ­future is ­decided through our daily work, namely interpretation,­ analysis and ­integration of the various data. Concedo was pre-­qualified as a licencee in 2007, and has since then been awarded ­licence shares in the annual concession rounds (APA rounds). ­ Both the 20. and 21. Concession rounds have also resulted in awards. The wells we have drilled have proven the quality of the prospects. The discoveries have been successfully sold to ­Statoil and ­Wintershall.


«The best preparation for good work tomorrow
is good work today»

– Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915)

Being prepared goes well with a long-term strategy. In general, preparation and work on Norwegian Continental Shelf puts Concedo into a position where it can act quickly and make the right decisions when opportunities arise.