Concedo enters into strategic partnership with Attica Exploration

Published 20/06/2023

Shareholders in Concedo AS representing 99 % of the shares have accepted an offer by Attica Exploration AS to buy their shares with settlement in cash and/or shares in Attica Exploration AS. Attica Exploration AS is a newly formed private entity backed by Lundin family members, created in order to make an entry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). When the transaction is completed, Concedo will become a 100 % owned subsidiary of Attica Exploration AS, where the Lundin family through Attica Exploration S.à r.l. (Luxembourg) will own the majority of the shares. Concedo shareholders representing 37 % of the Concedo share capital will participate in the new company by accepting settlement in the form of shares. The transaction is subject to necessary government approval.

See enclosed Information Letter.