News - 2023

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Concedo enters into strategic partnership with Attica Exploration

Published 20/06/2023

Shareholders in Concedo AS representing 99 % of the shares have accepted an offer by Attica Exploration AS to buy their shares with settlement in cash and/or shares in Attica Exploration AS. Attica Exploration AS is a newly formed private entity backed by Lundin family members, created in order to... More

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Minutes from the Annual General Meeting, 14th June 2023

Published 14/06/2023

On the 14th June 2023, the Annual General Meeting was held in Concedo’s offices in Torvgården, Torvveien 1, 1383 Asker. Attached are the minutes of the meeting: Minutes from the Concedo AS Annual General Meeting 2023 (Norwegian & English).

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Notice convening Annual General Meeting of Concedo AS, June 14th, 2023

Published 07/06/2023

Notice is hereby served that Annual General Meeting of Concedo AS, org. no. 988 217 867 (the “Company”) will be held on Wednesday 14 June 2023 at 14:00 hours (CET). The General Meeting will be held via Teams. To be sure that there are no problems with the implementation of... More

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Concedo is awarded in the APA 2022 Concession Round.

Published 10/01/2023

Concedo AS is very pleased with the recent award in the APA 2022 Concession Round. The licence is located in the North Sea, immediately south of the Oseberg Field (Block 30/9). The awarded license (PL1176) is owned by Concedo with 40%, and the Operator is Aker BP with a 60%... More